Videos based on Folens Starlight

This first video contains all the sight words without any extras. It is handy for assessment purposes as well as for learning. You can use it with the downloadable assessment record. Access by clicking on the buttons below.

Entire Junior Video of 33 Sight Words

It is helpful to have large flashcards, matching word games and Bingo cards to help the weaker readers to remember the words. You can access Junior Infant Flashcards below. Just cut them out and they are colour coded to keep in sequence with the videos.

Four Starlight Junior Infant Sight Words: I, have, the, my.
Video 1 Junior Infants
Video 2 Starlight Junior Infants
Video 3 Starlight Junior Infants
Video 4 Starlight Junior Infants
Video 5 Starlight Junior Infants
Video 6 Starlight Junior Infants
Video 7 Starlight Junior Infant
Video 8 Starlight Junior Infants

Starlight Senior Infant Sight Word Videos

Starlight Sight Words 1 Activity Game

Drag the audio picture to the word.

Video to explain: Quiz for video 5 
Actual Quiz Link

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