fuzzbuzz words and stories






Book 1

the black box

Book 2

the fuzzbuzz

Book 3

the garden

Book 4

the dump

Book 5

the slinx

Book 6 

the trick


Book 7

the glen

level 1 Assessment



Book 8 

the clan


Book 9

the haggis hunt


Book 10

Jock the pocket


Book 11 

Don the bonnet


Book 12

the contest

Animals on the



Seashore Animals


Pond Animals

Animals in the garden

Animals in the house

Animals on the farm


Book 13

the trip


Book 14

the glen of gloom


Book 15

the snagron


Book 16

the wall


Book 17

the prisoner


Book 18

the get-away

Book 19 the getaway

Book 20

the last battle