fuzzbuzz level two – word lists and stories to help students to read.


These are the wordbanks.

Children watch these before the story videos

Story videos
7 The glen
8 The clan
Story videos
9 The haggis hunt
10 Jock the pocket
Don the bonnet (a) Don the bonnet (b)
11 Don the bonnet
the contest (a) the contest (b)
12 the contest


Extension Readers (fuzzbuzz Oxford University Press)
12.1 The Slinx has a problem
12.2 The biggest dump in the land
12.3 The rocket
12.4 Zaxon
12.5 The honkbonk
12.6 Going back
12.7 The gull
12.8 The map
12.9 The band
12.10 The raft
12.11 The depths
12.12 The chest


Pond Animals  
Seashore Animals
Animals in the garden
These set  of videos are based  on the fuzzbuzz book series written by Colin Harris. 
Animals on the farm  
Animals in the house
Animals on the dump
  The lower set stories match the original font and text of the book series written by Colin Harris.  The timings and graphics are excellent.