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A taster

Hi to everyone. Christmas is on the way. Today, along with our Junior and  Senior Infants we watched Santa come down a ladder to visit us. I hope you enjoy the new story written by Dale Treadwell highlighting Irish birds. Let me know how you’re students are getting on with the phonics videos. Today I used the ‘ay’ video with my first class students. It went down well. My sister loved the bird pictures. How about you?

Thank you

Today is Saturday morning and I’m filled with gratitude. Thanks to Joana, who has met me this week, to give me advice on how to connect with you guys. So here I am.

Thanks to SuperValu, Churchtown and Musgreaves who are sponsoring payment of the domain name for

Thanks to Technology Ireland for nominating the website for an Award “Outstanding Academic Achievement.”

Thanks to Lorena for joining me at the Mansion House to help me celebrate Thanks to John’s Coaches for paying for the very expensive tickets.

Lastly, thanks to Brian from Cj Fallon publishers, for agreeing to meet with me this coming Friday. Hopefully he will decide to allow access to you guys to the stories that used to be here?

Would you like them back?

Write back please and let me know and thanks to you too, for reading this blog.