Wonderland Videos

 The aim of sorchaj.com is to simplify the process of learning to read for students. Over 200 video resources, comprising of Dolch lists, Jolly Phonics videos,  sentence workouts and stories from Ms Fiona Holmes / cjFallon publishers, “Wonderland”,  merge together to provide a structured, progressive, methodical, user experience. It is especially effective for children with speech and language processing delay.  Resources are clearly labelled and speedily accessible for the busy classroom. Just click on an image to begin.

GG's New Job Wonderland
Story of the week

The Picnic

Globby’s Football Match
Globby Helps Out   

Orin’s Invention

The Boat Trip

The Great Save

The Wrong Car

Where Can GG Sit?

GG Is Too Big!

Ella Goes To The Airport

The Beach House

New Shoes for Winchilla