Language Worksheets

These worksheets are available free to download and accompany the 13 language videos. They can be used by your pupils alongside the videos or as an follow-up written activity.

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Speech and Language Videos

Download and use these images with the accompanying video

Listening and Drawing Activity – comparing.

Weather Activity Video
Right click on the picture
and save to your computer.

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Listening and Drawing Activity – comparing.
Comparative Video

What food do you like? Spin the wheel game.
The image from the nouns, days of the week and months video.


Unit 2: My School: My Classroom
Unit 3:
Fast Foods
Unit 4: Colours, shapes and opposites
Unit 5: People who help us
Listen and sequence: laundry activity
Unit 7: Local and wider community
The Living Room
Everyday jobs
Unit 10: Weather
Video 2
Video 3
Signs of Winter
Jack Frost Story
Weather Downloadable Worksheet
Unit 11: Transport
Unit 13 Unusual  Animals
Donkeys, horses…
Tigers, lions….
Farm animals



Wordsearch Creator Tool
Link: How to use Eclipse Crossword Maker.
Photo Flash Cards: Click the link. Type in the word to appear on each card. Type in the same word in the search keyword box. Click change picture.
Alphabet Flash Cards / Large ABC Cards / Word Cards / Handwriting Activity Sheets
Songs to enjoy: