About me

I love watching Netflix, live in Dublin, spend a lot of time minding my special needs grandson Marley, love walks by the sea, meals out, luxury cinemas,. and my greatest achievement is helping children who have failed at reading, to read. I use the fuzzbuzz scheme created by Colin Harris to help me achieve this goal.

I have worked hard at creating fuzzbuzz resources and stories, which are on my Youtube channel – use the search term sorchaj, fuzzbuzz on youtube.

I started this website to store the many resources I use when teaching children with language and communication needs. The resources I use need to be easily accessible, clearly labelled, consistent and systematic. The dolch and Fuzzbuzz word lists, Jolly Phonics, sentence workouts have all contributed to achieving amazing results on the literary and English proficiency levels of my pupils and their grasp of reading is astonishing.

Dolch had a fascination for books and made lists of the frequency words came up in books. These lists are taught to children in schools and are sometimes given as homework. Having each list in video format is more appealing and helps retention. Once online they are easier to access from the website.

The method I use is as follows: (See dolch methodology)

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links you might click on, on the website, are my affiliate links (Amazon etc) where I will earn an affiliate commission if you purchase the products (with no additional cost to you)

Something important to me is to build people up, especially children. Here is a poem that might help us to do that.