Products I recommend

I went to Lagos on holiday and found a leaf of the aloe vera plant. I took it home and my friend, Mo, who came from a hot country told me some of the benefits of this plant.

He took a piece of the stem and broke it off. It began to ooze out a liquid. I found it made my skin really supple. So, now, I am recommending this product to you.

Aloe Gel is packed with 200 active compounds, the benefits are limitless!

It can be used for: soothing sunburn, (not that we get much in Ireland) as a smooth shaving gel, a skin condition treatment, a simple and inexpensive makeup remover, the primary ingredient for a exfoliator, masks, to treat dry feet and hands, (a must for a busy house) and to heal wounds faster! 

Don’t just take my word for it, try it out and let me know how you got on.

Well, if you want, it might be even better to use the plant leaf directly, like I did. For me, I think this is the better option, but to be honest, I felt bad at taking a bit of the leaf off the plant. Maybe just buy ready made products. On the other hand, studies have shown that plants have a calming effect on people, so it might be no harm to have an aloe vera plant in your home. It doesn’t need much looking after, as it comes from a dry climate. Anyway the choice is yours.

Here is another choice for you to compare, in case you don’t like the other plant.

The choice is yours.