“Over the Rainbow” Phonics Videos

 Children learn and you assess the “Jolly Phonics” sounds. These videos are an easy way to check whether the sounds are mastered. Just turn down the volume and ask your student(s) to read the sounds. As they read, record the results. You can purchase a booklet to keep pupil records here.

s, a, t, i, p.

If you wish to record progress, you can order your assessment booklet which is downloadable as a pdf file here.

A-Z Junior                                         A-Z Phonics Middle                                       A-Z Phonics Senior.

Tricky Words – he, we, she..

Reversals “b,d,p,o”. 

Blends: “af, ad, ab”.

Reversals & “ix”

Video 4: Blends: e.g. “pl, sl”

Video 5: Blends (e.g. ck,ch)

Video 6: “pum, suff, nudd.”

Video 7: e.g. “uff, id, uch”

Video 8: Plurals

Reading sentences.
Video 9: Simple sentences.

Reading practice form sorchaj
Video 10: Blends: “step” “stag”.

Video 11: Blends: “sprib” splon”

Phonics for reading
Video 12: Challenge Video

Video 13: Basic Sentences

Phonics for reading sorchaj
Video 14: Word Lists (“fits, stags, props, wins”)

Video 15: Word Lists (“brag, clog”)

Video 18: Sentences (“slabs, large”)

Video 19 (“tas, task”)

Video 20: “spend” “blend”

Video 21: Sentences (e.g. “If he tells Mildred…”)

Video 22: Word Lists (“str, crop”)

Video 23: Vowels: “a,e,i,o,u” .

Video 24: Syllabication

Video 25: The magic “e”.