Phonics Videos (10+ years old)

Video 26(b) – “Magic e” Word Lists (“tune, lime”)

Video 27(b) – Flashcards for a break!

A-Z Phonics Video 28: Magic e with Plurals

A-Z Phonics Video 29 Practice passages

Video 30 Some sentences

A-Z Phonics Video 31: “i_e”, “u_e”, “a_e”

A-Z Phonics Video 32 – 4 words

Video 33 Words using ch,ck…

Video 34 ch samples

Video(c ) 35: “ck” sentences

Video 36 b) – Short passages with “Y” sounds.

A-Z Phonic Video 37: Syllabication

Video 38(b) – Short passages with “Y” sounds.

Video 39(c) “oo”

Video 40: Sound “ea”

Video 41(b) : “or” “ur, ir” and words.

Video 41(c): “g” sound, “c” sound.

Video 42(b): “c’s” two sounds and “tion” “tial”.

Video 43(c): “le” at the end of a word

Video 44(c): Two “ow” sounds – bow / cow

Video 45(c): More “ou” sounds as in “enough” and “sound”.

Video 46(c): “oy” and “oi” words.

Video 47(c): Mismatch

Video 48(c): Recap.

Video 50(c): “wa”.

Video 52(c): “qu”.

VIdeo 53(c): “qu”.

Video 54: “ise, izz”

Video 55: “ied”

Video 56(c): “Silent letters “ph” and “wh”

Video 57(c): More “ph” words with flair!

Video 58(c): “ious” “ign” “gue”

Video 59: “ier”

Video 60(c): Silent Letters